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41 Rue Broca, 1912. Photo: Eugène Atget.

41 Rue Broca, 1912. Photo: Eugène Atget.

Eugène Atget is one of the best things I discovered through Rex Mundi. I first encountered him many moons ago, poking around The Strand bookstore in New York City for reference photos of Paris for EricJ. I pulled out a battered collection of Atget’s work, and the image on the front cover was better than perfect; it was my first window into the world of Rex Mundi.

Atget took photos of Paris in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were tearing down the dark, cramped, medieval and riot-prone town at that time to re-make it into the city everyone knows, the city of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Of course, something is always lost in “progress”. That’s what Atget captured. He’d go out very early in the morning and take pictures of the old neighborhoods before the steam shovels ground them up. Do a search for him and you might even recognize some backgrounds from Rex Mundi. And remnants of the old city still exist – there’s a piece in the New York Times today showcasing some of surviving places where Atget took photos.

Most of the photos in the “le Journal de la Liberté” newspapers of Rex Mundi are Atget’s. Amazingly, there’s a comic book store on the very street of one of the photos I used, at the end of Book One, chapter five. The store is called Arkham Comics, and Rex Mundi was their featured title of the week this week. Arkham’s a little down from the picture, seven Rue Broca.

Merci beacoup, mon amis d’Arkham. One of these days I’ll make it back to Paris and stop in for a little guerrilla visit.

And I must give a shout out to the mysterious comte St. Germain, who told me about Arkham. The comte has a terrific French language pop culture blog. Check it out, whether or not you read French.


  1. cagliostro
    October 6, 2010


    The rue Broca thing is really Mysterious isn’it. Well I’ve posted a comment and as i’m a good guy I’m (trying) the translation for your eyes only :

    “Here is a small video presentation of the comic Rex Mundi at Arkham (not the city, the comic shop in Paris), a liitle bit weird, I do not find other adjective, but which gives enough precision to want to read this comic (you have to). They had the good idea to nominate Rex Mundi Comic of the week, isnt’ that a quality criterion!

    Well now the supernatural anecdote: in one of the Rex Mundi publication there is a representation of an old building of the street Broca photographed by Atget at the end of 19 th century and…. It turns out that Arkham Comics is situated street Broca and …it turns out that New York Times published an article on Atget this week where we find the photo of the street Broca and … It turns out that this week I took the street Broca as an anecdote to publish a comment on its blog ! looks like an X-file isnt’it? ”

    Well if you want to know more about me here is a publication someone wrote on wikipedia
    , sometimes I use an other alias Cagliostro also

    A Bientôt

  2. Cagliostro
    October 12, 2010


    I’ve posted an other message which includes a video presentation link of Rex Mundi on Milady’s blog . It seems that n° 2 will be out on french shops the 22 october.

    A plus

  3. cagliostro aka comte de saint germain
    October 24, 2010


    N° 2 of R-M is on the bookshelves in France, (you can count 1 more reader in France, my childhood friend).
    The book is presented with an add “soon, the movie” ! on a paper across the cover. You’d better convice Mr Depp 😉

    Is oblivion to be published in France ?

    à bientot

  4. Rvid
    October 26, 2010

    Dunno about Oblivion en François – I sure hope so! Disney picked it up, and now we’re in the process of re-organizing everything… it’s all totally out of my hands, but as soon as I hear any “actionable intelligence” I’ll let the world know.

  5. cagliostro aka comte de saint germain
    October 27, 2010

    oupsss I made a mistooke, it was zerokiller in fact that I asked for a french publication ? I find your alternate storyline very intersting (it could had happened).
    Speaking of uchronia I’ve writen a review for a french-uchronian-world war 2-comic , which is called BLOCK109. I find it very intersting and unusual as the story is by german side. Well, I know I write in french (bien sur !) but you can use google translate for a whole internet site , even if the result is little bit weirdOoo.

    a plus

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