Dynamite, You’re a Real Gem

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Dynamite Comics logoThis is long overdue, but no less heartfelt for the passage of time. When I learned my esteemed publisher won an award from Diamond Comics Distributors (the company that gets comics to stores) for small press publisher of the year, I felt a huge swell of pride. Dynamite took a chance on me writing Warlord of Mars, and now I think it’s safe to say their trust was well founded.

Of course, the majority of the credit goes to Joe Rybrant, my editor, and all of the great artists involved with the project (Joe Jusko – JOE JUSKO!!).

Ultimate props go to Nick Barucci, the evil genius behind Dynamite. Congratulations, Nick, on turning Dynamite into a force to be reckoned with in just seven years. Dynamite publishes, among other things, the terrific comic adaptation of A Game of Thrones. I have a little dream of doing a Band of the Crow with Dynamite, but I don’t want to put put my cart before my horse.

Whatever happens, thanks, Dynamite, for making me feel like I’ve found a home. Your success is mine, and so far it’s been a great 2012. I’ll do everything I can to make sure Lord of the Jungle is as much of a success as Warlord of Mars.

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