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Fellow comic book writer Jim Zub did a little interview with me on Warlord of Mars for Bleeding Cool, in which I describe John Carter as the love child of Obi-wan Kenobi and Superman, thus further lowering my chances of ever working for DC Comics and/or Disney, but oh well.

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Read all about it, if you dare…

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  1. Rafael
    November 27, 2013

    Sooo…Warlord of Mars, comes to an end?


    Every Story needs an End and if the fans want more, you can reboot everything and start something new (look how well this worked out with the Turtles).
    So, I hope you give us an really epic ending, which we will remember in years.

    And will you post something about this new Comicproject soon? At least give us a tip? Another Fantasycomic? The next 6 Issues of Zero Killer (which I would reply with: Yay!).

    As ever, good luck everything and hope to read more of you in the next time :-).

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